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SKIN SERVICES                 

60 min Customized Facial - A skin-specific facial which will address all your skin care goals whether they be acneic, age defying, inflammation, increasing hydration or simply improvement of self-care.  Included in your service is detoxifying and fine line reducing manual lymphatic drainage therapy, gua sha white jade sculpting to lift and refine, a lavish massage of face and scalp, extractions and eye and lip treatments.

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90 min Signature Gua Sha Facial - A skin-specific focused facial for women which includes all the above elements of the Customized Facial with the addition of a detoxifying self heating mud applied along the spine.  During this 90 minutes we will work on an intuitive and meditative guided stress reset by engaging your parasympathetic response through deep energetic relaxation and clearing for ulitmate rest and repair.

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Signature 8 Week Series Gua Sha Facelift -Eight, weekly, stress reset 90 min Gua Sha Customized Facials. This series is geared towards the ever busy Feminine Warrior. Our faces reveal everything about the challenges we engage with in our daily lives. Many a Feminine Warrior can put on a great face while enduring deep stress but as the stress builds we inevitably begin to show it on our face. My talent is to relieve and clear teh stress and tension which builds, leaving you with the unhidered glow and beauty you innately possess.

In my hands you can surrender to this guided facial ritual, experience the benefits of protected  meditative down time, enjoy luxurious products and ultimately find yourself transformed and once again your radiant self. 

After discussing and analyzing your skin and your skin care goals, we will settle on the correct products for each facial as well as products for you to take home to maintain the work we do.  For optimal results no outside skin care products are recommended to be used during this 8 week series.  We are on a mission together to liven up your skin and your soul.  Nutritional recommendations may be suggested to enhance skin and well being as well. [*Because I am not a physician, please consult your Dr. before partaking in any nutritional recommendations. ] 

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Included in this package:  

  • Self heating mud a long the spine each facial for maximum detoxification and nutrition (value $200)
  • $200 credit towards skin products by Phytomer & Vie for your home care routine to maximize results
  • Tons and gobs and oodles of manual lymphatic drainage - lets get the inflammation and toxins moving out
  • Gua Sha Sculpting, Refining and Lifting.  


  • Book and keep all 8 facials all at once if you are able. It is important to stay committed to the time frame for optimal results.
  • Remember you worked hard for this and deserve it - this is your commitment to yourself.
  • Arrive 5 min before appointment time.
  • Turn cell completely silent or off.  No vibration mode. This is your Feminine Warrior Reprieve after all. 
  • Work on surrendering, relax your nervous systmem to revitalize your spirit. 
  • When your spirit is lifted stress is removed from your face 
  • Added benefits Gua Sha sculpting and lymphatic drainage: Relaxes the neck.  When neck relaxes face and jaw will follow. When face, jaw and neck relax - you'll enter deeper relaxation.
  • Nervous system calms and health and well being begin to restore
  • Cease use of all outside products for 8 weeks.  Surrender to what you already know about skin and skin product. Trust the process.
  • Expect to leave with Phytomer or Vie products to maintain what we've accomplished with the facial - this will be a simple home care routine. (package includes $200 credit towards products) Trust I have found some of the safest and most effective ingredients with the best bang for you buck when it comes to your skin health.
  • Expect to leave with messy hair, feel free to bring a hat or brush
  • It is ideal to have no to light plans after this deep energetic reset facial - keep the relaxation going.
  • Skin beneficial nutritional recommendations may be made -*Please consult your Dr. before partaking in any nutritional suggestions. 

$1,400 -  BOOK NOW!


There are millions of reasons why you want your face to look healthy, glowing, unblemished, beautiful. In order to shine with our full personal beauty, we must actually FEEL calm, clear, radiant. A woman who looks powerfully beautiful can only do so when her interior state reflects this picture.  As I interview you with a method designed to determine how your digestion, hormones, stress, nutrition and self care factor are informing your skin's current state.  I will find teh key to unlocking your interior beauty, thereby uplifting your external beauty to it's maximum. 

All treatments are built around PhytomerVie Collection skin care products, Dr. Zhang's Gua Sha White Jade Stone Sculpting, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and the act of engaging your Parasympathetic response for rest and repair while you receive the facial.  

Many clients come in with misconceptions of skin care products, how they are used, what the usefulness of their ingredients actually are. While there are many ways to waste money on poorly made but well-branded cosmetics, there is inversely a deep value in purchasing products via a licensed, trained and insured esthetician. Phytomer and Vie are my chosen brands becasue of their remarkable marine based blueprints which efectively yet gently and safely address a broad spectrum of skin concerns. It is an ecologically sound company with their own filtration garden which has top scientists formulating the best and safest ingredients, testing their products both independently and externally for efficacy and highly effective results. Phytomer is the exclusive skin care line used at the Mayo Clinic's Health Center in Rochester, MN because of its safety and efficacy.  One of the many reasons why I have selected this company to work alongside my personal practice. 

It's easy to customize facials to each person's skin by having a pallet of some of the best ingredients to target most skin care needs:

  • Phytomer product's nutritional ingredients optimize cell function with mineral content akin to our own blood plasma - assisting with efficient cell turnover and hydration as well as targeted skin issues such as anti-aging, inflammation & acne.
  • Instant age dyfing results from Phytomer's Marine Biotechnology XMF Line -made up of Marine Saccharides made from seaweed. 
  • Vie's bridges the gap between cosmetics and esthetic medicine with near cosmetceutical ingredients, mimicking botox and mesotherapy with out the potential side effects for optimal anti-aging benefits. 
  • Wrinkle Relaxing, Skin Plumping, Firming, Smoothing & Tightening Results with specially formulated collagen masks and sculpting massage techniques for a 3D effect along with take home products to keep up what was achieved in the facial. 
  • Gentle Peels and exfoliants available with concentration of acids to maintain the skin's pH leaving skin feeling smooth and calm - avoiding the typical reaction of many medical grade peels which brutally alter the skin's pH causing redness, heat, irritation, discomfort and sensitization. Vie's chemical peel provides skin with a complete resurfacing effect to correct cutaneous defects and signs of aging.
  • Self Heating Mud (along the spine) - assists with cellular exchange, increases lymphatic flow and detoxification. $25
  • Rubberizing Eye Mask $25