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Relax and Renew

Relax your Body!  The benefits of relaxation are overwhelming.   The modern American lives a fast-paced and high-stress lifestyle.  Regular massage therapy and self pampering can do wonders in relieving muscle tension, reduce anxiety, and improve your overall well-being.   

Renew!  The skin is the body's first line of defense.  Heal and Renew your skin with a Phytomer Facial.   Phytomer is a remarkable marine based line that effectively, yet gently and safely addresses a wide range of skin concerns.  It's an ecologically sound company that has top scientists formulating the best ingredients, testing their products both independently and externally for efficacy and results.  

Massage Services

Massage therapy helps you relax, re-align and rejuvenate. There are many positive aspects to receiving massage therapy on an ongoing basis and with the busy lives we lead we can all benefit from stress-management.  

The benefits go beyond feelings of relaxation and wellness that people may recognize after a massage.   


Skin Services   

There are millions of reasons why you want your face to look healthy, glowing, unblemished, beautiful. In order to shine with our full personal beauty, we must actually FEEL calm, clear, radiant. A woman who looks powerfully beautiful can only do so when her interior state reflects this picture.  As I interview you with a method designed to determine how your digestion, hormones, stress, nutrition and self care factor are informing your skin's current state.  I will find teh key to unlocking your interior beauty, thereby uplifting your external beauty to it's maximum. 

All treatments are built around PhytomerVie Collection skin care products, Dr. Zhang's Gua Sha White Jade Stone Sculpting, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and the act of engaging your Parasympathetic response for rest and repair while you receive the facial.  

Many clients come in with misconceptions of skin care products, how they are used, what the usefulness of their ingredients actually are. While there are many ways to waste money on poorly made but well-branded cosmetics, there is inversely a deep value in purchasing products via a licensed, trained and insured esthetician. Phytomer and Vie are my chosen brands becasue of their remarkable marine based blueprints which efectively yet gently and safely address a broad spectrum of skin concerns. It is an ecologically sound company with their own filtration garden which has top scientists formulating the best and safest ingredients, testing their products both independently and externally for efficacy and highly effective results. Phytomer is the exclusive skin care line used at the Mayo Clinic's Health Center in Rochester, MN because of its safety and efficacy.  One of the many reasons why I have selected this company to work alongside my personal practice.